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Experience Matters

Choosing the right company early in the process to provide services to your Bankruptcy Remote Special Purpose Entity (“SPE”) can save you time and avoid problems and worry later.

When financing requires for a Bankruptcy Remote Special Purpose Entity and Independent Director/Member services, make certain you select a company that understands the process. A company that will provide you with experienced individuals who understand the demands and requirements of acting as an Independent Member, Manager, or Director of the Bankruptcy Remote business entity. National Registered Agents, Inc. (“NRAI”), through NRAI Entity Services, LLC has the individuals you need.

Why Us?

NRAI is the nation’s premier source for Independent Director, Independent Member, Springing Director/Member and Trustee services for all special purpose entities used in structured finance, credit, real estate and securitization transactions. And, NRAI is recognized, recommended and accepted by lenders, rating agencies and their counsel.

With a strong referral network due to NRAI’s outstanding client service, NRAI has handled thousands of appointments for law firms, borrowers and lenders.

Understanding the time sensitivity and complexity of these types of transactions, with individuals knowing what to do and when to do it, is what sets NRAI apart. Staffed by attorneys and other legal professionals, NRAI’s expert team knows how to work efficiently and effectively.

Our veteran team will work with you to ascertain your needs quickly and deliver the required services you need. You can be confident that with NRAI, your SPE Independent Director/Member and other member staffing needs will be handled correctly, each time and every time when it counts the most.

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To take advantage of NRAI’s SPE services for your next deal or to explore how NRAI could help with your existing SPE and Independent Director needs, contact us at 800-550-6724.

Once contacted, our expert staff will work with you and your team to quickly review and prepare the appropriate documentation to meet your needs. If needed, NRAI can expedite processing and deliver documentation in hours.